Hello There!

Hello!  I'd like to thank those who have been taking a peek at this blog.  Your support means a lot to me.

I had initially planned to only upload pictures in this blog, but blogging without words is not so much fun.  I was thinking ... what if I have no new designs to add?  Then I won't have an opportunity to update.  Hence, a slight adjustment to the format of this blog.

Let's see what else is new in the days to come.

Thanks for dropping by!

More Than Cupcakes

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The bottom tier is a 10-inch butter cake, while the top tier is an 8-inch cake.  Cakes are filled with buttercream.  I'd like to add that I only use pure butter for the buttercream.  It tastes so much better than mixing shortening or Krimwell to the buttercream.  The frosting is strawberry-flavoured crusting buttercream.   For the uninitiated, that's buttercream with meringue powder added to it.  The meringue powder helps the buttercream to crust/harden, thus it would not smudge so easily.

The deco is simple - Cornelli Lace piped all over the cakes.

To add impact, I decided to cover the cakeboard with chocolate fondant.  After rolling the fondant evenly onto the cakeboard, I pressed a texture sheet onto the fondant to evenly emboss the pattern.  Then, and this is the part I like best, dusted the chocolate fondant with gold shimmer to give it the rustic effect.

Lastly, sugarpaste flowers to complete the look.

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